Exhibitions catalogs


Exhibition catalog of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris
Preface by Charles Estienne.


Catalog of the exhibition at Galerie La Demeure, with texts by Denis Brihat and Jean-Pierre Sudre.


Catalog of the exhibition at the Municipal Gallery “Château d’eau” in Toulouse with a preface by Jean Dieuzaide.


Eclats d’infini (Editions Le Temps qu’il fait”)

Eclats d'infinipublished on the occasion of the exhibition at the Art Centre Campredon in autumn 2011 and has just been reissued.


It includes, besides 41 photographs, texts Georges Monti, Pierre-Jean Amar, Jean-Pierre Sudre and Charles Estienne. 64 pages – 22,5x26cm


Available from the author at a price of 28 euros + 4.50 shipping. Check for € 32.50 to send to Solange Brihat, Blayons- The path crosses – 84480- Bonnieux